Why We Need to Talk About Being Cheated On

As betrayed wives, we need to talk about being cheated. Talking about infidelity helps us realize that we are not alone and that  our husband's choice to cheat was not our fault. We learn more about our need for support and connection with safe people when we discuss betrayal so that we can heal the trauma infidelity caused us. 

Why do we need to talk about being cheated on?

Talking about the fact that we got cheated on with safe people is a vital part of our self-care after infidelity. Self-care is how we build healing into our lives after the devastation of intimate betrayal. 

In this very casual and unscripted video conversation with my good friend Cath from Miabelle, my favorite natural self-care product provider here on my little Island, we discuss the importance of building safe friendships. Feeling safe helps us heal our betrayal pain. 

Recovery after being cheated on happens as we prioritize self-care in our lives. Listen in on my conversation with Cath as I share my experience of intimate betrayal, infidelity pain, and journey into self-care toward healing that pain.

Learning to reclaim our life back as we grieve the pain of being cheated on is the goal of Self-care After Infidelity. Find out more about using self-care, habits that heal, to support yourself through the pain of being cheated on.

If you need to talk, please accept my gift of a free call,  leave me a message here, or add a comment below.

Much love

Yours on the Journey

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  • Susan Giesecke says:

    Very much enjoyed this video. I am so glad you have decided to put your beautiful face to your story. Well done💕

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