Healing from Infidelity: The Power of Self-Care

Self-care after being cheated on is usually the last thing on our minds, especially after discovering the infidelity. Here we will address the importance of self-care throughout your healing journey and examine the changes self-care can bring to your trauma-stressed life after intimate betrayal.

Being cheated on is one of the most painful things to experience in life. As a result, we need to be aware of the importance of caring for ourselves to heal. Seriously, why would we think about doing Self-Care when our world is falling apart? In truth, we are scrambling to save and protect our marriage, family, and sanity. We are often too busy trying to keep our partners from the destructive behavior they are exhibiting to think about our self-care after being cheated on. Yet, self-care is how we learn to focus on the right thing.

Does the impact of his cheating feel like the plug got pulled on your life? Has everything important to you gone down the drain in front of your eyes? Self-care is how to take our life back, better than before!

Discovering that infidelity has infiltrated our life devastates us to our core, leaving us feeling we lost our past, present, and future. Honestly, it's a painful and destabilizing time. Turning to self-care is how we cope with and heal from being cheated on. Caring for our needs helps us regroup and rebuild.

How can we love our life again after our husband cheats?

The hurt stemming from a partner's betrayal can be suffocating.

Infidelity creates a time of mourning. We lost the life we thought we had and the future we thought we would have. Coming to terms with this new reality is a shock. It's challenging to cope with the depth of the pain and all the destruction cheating brings. When we prioritize self-care in our lives, it strengthens and supports us in accepting our new reality faster.

Self-care helps us heal

Self-care emerges as a pathway to navigate through our emotional turmoil.

If ever there was a time, the shock of being cheated on is the time to take control of our life. We do this through self-care. Yet how can we when we are in so much pain? Discovering our husband cheated is an agony beyond words. Will we ever be able to survive this horrific event of betrayal? The pain is suffocating the breath out of us, and we are desperate to escape it.

How do we find the strength or the energy to care for ourselves? The pain we feel from our partner's cheating can leave us unable to function, let alone think about our self-care.

Sometimes, in our anger, unlovely feelings flood our minds. Thoughts of hatred, revenge, and payback fill us - do we let them consume us? They feel like an escape from the pain of our husbands cheating while we think about them. But deep inside, we know that hate prevents us from healing; it makes us suffer more. Hate, anger, and revenge change us into bitter people who we ultimately don't want to be.

Since we know that this choice to remain angry hurts us far more than it hurts our husbands, what do we do?

Self-care helps us heal by teaching us how to be self-advocates. We learn to step back from the pain and become conscious observers of our emotions and what we need to support ourselves. Self-care is a habit of embracing our needs to make the best decisions possible rather than functioning out of reaction. We heal as we nurture ourselves through the pain of being cheated on, and we become stronger and more resilient in the process.

Being cheated on is unfair!

The hurt stemming from our partners betrayal can be suffocating, leaving us paralyzed and devoid of energy to consider self-care.

Knowing that our husband cannot endure the betrayal pain on our behalf feels so unfair. He caused this agony in us because of his inadequacies, and now we are the ones left suffering. It is so unjust because we never cheated! Remaining angry at him about that unfairness doesn't change anything. It may, in fact, worsen our pain of getting cheated on. Fixating on the fact that we are suffering and he isn't, puts us further into that downward spiral. It causes us to suffer even more after the betrayal and to become even angrier at our situation. Self-Care can help us out of this angry state.

There is a way of ending infidelity pain. It starts when we can acknowledge that our husband can't take back that he cheated or take away the pain that we are in. If we are honest with ourselves, we know deep inside that we can't change what happened and that we must deal with the pain caused by our husbands' cheating. Healing from this pain sits on our shoulders alone to endure even though we don't want it. It is unfair, but what are our options? To continue living in pain and become bitter women, or to move forward and start living a life we love through self-care.

Self-care offers us choices

Amidst the turmoil, self-care becomes an anchor, guiding us towards healing and reclaiming our lives.

Ultimately it is up to us whether we accept that processing and grieving the pain of being cheated on is something we do for ourselves. Otherwise, we could remain chained to that pain with anger or bargaining. We must all eventually decide when or if we will move on from that prison of betrayal agony and use all the tools self-care offers us for healing.

By turning our focus toward moving forward and using self-care, we open ourselves to grieving the betrayal instead of dwelling in anger and pain over it. We can choose to stop focusing on our husband's unfaithful actions and the consequences we feel from them. Instead, we can select self-care to support us as we grieve the cheating. Self-care helps us acknowledge the loss of the life and the marriage we thought we would have before our husbands' cheated on us.

As we use self-care tools to grieve, we can also choose to build a new life in the future—a life that we love, even while we process our pain from being cheated on. Grief is not a life sentence; it's a journey we choose to take. As we take that journey, we can use self-care to equip us to control our lives, even as we grieve and still feel pain. Life is not dependent on what our husbands' do or don't do; it depends on what we do, our self-care!

Self-care is a way to live well after being cheated on.

We aren't broken, we are wounded, and we can heal.

Ever feeling good again may seem impossible after discovering that our husbands cheats. Yet many who have suffered this have healed through embracing self-care. It's not easy; none of this journey is easy. Betrayal trauma leaves us feeling that holes got blown through our hearts and parts of ourselves are missing. Yet self-care supports us to find those missing parts again.

While the blow of betrayal has wounded many good wives, consuming their lives for a season, they turned their pain around with self-care. They took control of their healing and destinies. 

As betrayed wives, we can find relief in strengthening ourselves by creating and prioritizing self-care habits. Self-care support us to take full responsibility for our lives, loving ourselves, and meeting our needs. You also could be taking this healing journey to heal your betrayal pain, one step at a time. It's through doing deliberate, planned actions for yourself to rebuild your life after being cheated on. 

Self Care is not Selfish Care!

Self-care isn’t an act of selfishness; rather, it's a conscious acknowledgment of our needs and a commitment to meeting them. 

There is no a descent into selfishness; there is nothing selfish about it. It is a responsible way of living—a life where we acknowledge our needs and wants and do what's necessary to meet them.

Rather than deferring ourselves, our self-care takes priority through deliberately made plans. That may be a massive change from our previous life, which we are now grieving since being cheated on. Self-care prioritizes us and our needs at every turn. It leads the way!

Embrace self-care after being cheated on

Prioritizing self-care post-infidelity isn’t an overnight change but a series of intentional steps toward reclaiming our well-being.

Nothing is wrong with making yourself a priority and embracing what you need, especially after being cheated on. No one else but you is responsible for meeting those needs, so why not intentionally meet them while building yourself up with self-care? Being honest and investing time in learning what you need is essential.

Is the result of not meeting your needs harming you? 

Does it leave you more empty, stressed, and unhappy with your life? 

Being cheated on can be the catalyst that shows you the importance of prioritizing self-care. Now that your husband's cheating has blown your old life out of the water, will you choose self-care? It takes one decision at a time, one step at a time, and one new habit at a time. Make meeting your needs a planned priority. When we prioritize our self-care needs, we show up differently in life.

How to use self-care to heal from being cheated on

It's understandable to feel overwhelmed and lost after such betrayal, but countless individuals, like you, have found solace and healing through embracing self-care. This journey is not a sentence but a choice to navigate grief while nurturing ourselves.

I would love you to make meeting your needs a planned priority. Why? Because self-care helps us heal the pain of being cheated on. It also keeps us safer from being cheated on again in the future. We change when we learn the art of proper self-care because it puts us in control of our lives so we can heal our pain. The more we use self-care, the more robust, healthier, and resilient we become.

Would you like to join me in an infidelity-specific self-care course designed by betrayed wives for betrayed wives? This course is designed to support you on your healing journey with simple and achievable steps. It helps us prioritize self-care to heal the pain and grieve the losses of being cheated on!

If you are seeking guidance and support through this painful chapter, I offer a gift—a free coaching call—to assist you on your path toward healing and rebuilding a life you cherish, even after enduring infidelity.

Let's embark on this journey together:

Much love,

Yours on the Journey

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