Mindful Self-care: Healing After Infidelity *Online Course Only*


Infidelity can profoundly impact a person’s emotional well-being, particularly for wives. This course is designed to help betrayed wives mindfully heal from their infidelity trauma and cultivate a sense of deep-abiding peace in their lives.

Through this course, participants will learn various mindfulness exercises and techniques that can help them better understand their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the betrayal. By becoming more self-aware, they can identify triggers and patterns in their thoughts and behaviors contributing to their pain. Additionally, participants will learn strategies for coping with pain and managing negative emotions, which can be particularly important in the aftermath of a betrayal.

By incorporating mindfulness into their lives, betrayed wives can cultivate a sense of inner peace and resilience that can help them move forward from the trauma of infidelity. This course offers a safe and supportive environment for betrayed wives on their healing journey and build a strong foundation for lasting peace and well-being.


The Mindful Self-care: Healing After Infidelity course is the third installment in our self-care infidelity healing series, designed to help betrayed wives heal from the emotional trauma of intimate betrayal. By incorporating mindfulness techniques into their daily lives, participants can cultivate a sense of inner peace and reduce the physical and emotional stress associated with betrayal.

Over 28 weeks, The Betrayed Wife will guide participants through various mindful exercises specifically designed to support healing and bring peace into their lives. These exercises will help participants develop self-awareness, identify and manage negative emotions, and cultivate self-compassion. Through regular practice, participants can begin to release the stress and trauma associated with their husband’s betrayal and build a stronger foundation for their emotional well-being.