Selfcare After Infidelity *20-Weeks Coaching*


Build the resilience you need to bounce back and start living again with this 20-week self-care course. The Betrayed Wife will guide you as you create habits that heal you from infidelity trauma. This simple, activity-based coaching course, the first in the self-care series, will give you the skills and support you need while you recover from betrayal.

Being cheated on is one of the most traumatic things to happen in life.  This online course, along with 20 weekly coaching calls, is designed to help you build a life you love living while guiding you toward healing. You need to reduce the stress on your body and mind to begin to heal from the infidelity pain and start living a life you love.

Healing after experiencing infidelity is achieved through self-care. This 20-week coaching course is designed to assist betrayed wives in their healing journey, helping them to build resilience and make informed choices for themselves. 

Self-care After Infidelity is the first in the healing from infidelity trauma series helping betrayed wives overcome the trauma caused by infidelity.