Is Your Partner Supporting Your Healing After Betrayal?

You found out the truth. Your husband has been cheating on you. He broke your heart and shattered your life, hopes and dreams into meaningless pieces. Chances are you trusted him even when you suspected something was terribly wrong for a while. Often the truth gets leaked over time, and he continues to lie, so you're left to uncover more betrayal. 

Whatever you're facing, it's hard to know if you're heading in the right direction. Everything is so confusing. You feel so alone and so hopeless. The future holds so many unknowns for you. And at times, it may seem he's making it harder for you to move forward. 

Being cheated on is one of the most painful experiences in life. It takes time and work to recover and heal from the trauma betrayal causes. Is your partner supporting your healing from their betrayal, or are you expected to get over it yourself?  This quiz will help you answer this critical question and help you measure the quality of support they give you.

Because I have lived through intimate betrayal and rebuilt my life, I know exactly how overwhelming the aftermath of betrayal is. I'm here to help you on your journey to healing. One of the best ways to begin the healing process is with simple self-care techniques to restore your inner calm. The self-care course is explicitly designed for betrayed women to learn methods of dealing with betrayal triggers and how to feel safe enough to begin recovering.

Please don't stay trapped in a pain cycle. I am here with support because you are worth the effort it takes to heal! 

Much love,

Yours on the Journey

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