Healing Infidelity Trauma

Healing Infidelity Trauma is Not an Easy

Healing infidelity trauma often gets messy and can become incredibly uncomfortable as we grieve the losses and the face painful facts and memories of being cheated on. Nightmares, triggers, and grieving can take over our lives after infidelity. Setting an intention to do the self-care work necessary for healing our trauma helps us heal. A healing intention focuses on why we are doing self-care and what we need to do.

Take a moment to consider why you want to heal and what you need to permit yourself as you create your healing intention. There are no wrong answers, and I encourage you to use a journal to support yourself in creating your healing intentions.

 Journaling is a self-care activity we can use to create clarity in our minds while calming and healing infidelity trauma. It can bring us into the present moment, which is the place we heal from.

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Why Being Mindful Heals our Infidelity Trauma

A mindful body scan is another powerful way of healing infidelity trauma. It also brings us into the present moment by noticing our body parts and spending time observing our physical sensations. This type of mindful activity means we are not worrying about our future or dwelling on our past which is thinking about the infidelity. As a result, it brings us entirely present at the moment, our healing moment.

Being mindful is simple, it doesn't cost anything, and it doesn't require any special skills beyond breathing and focusing on your body. When we are not dwelling on the infidelity or worrying about what might happen next, we are in the healing moment.

Recapture your Ability to Become Absorbed in the Now to Heal your Infidelity Trauma!

The audio below is a beautiful way to practice mindfulness whenever you get triggered and need to calm yourself. You can facilitate healing from infidelity trauma whenever you carve out 20 minutes for yourself to be mindful. The more we practice being mindful, the better we get at staying in the present. 

As young children, we were naturally mindful, focusing on the smallest details in the world around us. Perhaps it is time to return to that simple way of being as often as possible to support healing our infidelity trauma.

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When We Become Mindful, We Release Infidelity Healing 

Releasing stress is a vital part of healing infidelity trauma. Research shows that our minds naturally wander toward worry and regret. As betrayed, we struggle not to worry and feel regret over being cheated on. By guiding our minds to the present, we let go of these thought processes that cause us stress. Therefore, the process of mindfully engaging our senses can lessen infidelity trauma, as well as depression, anxiety, and stress. 

We dive deeper into mindfulness and other self-care activities in our Self-care Course, which practically supports us through healing infidelity trauma. As a result of doing self-care, the pain of being cheated on diminishes while we create a greater capacity to show up in our lives. 

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Mindful Body Scan Audio

Find a safe place where you will not be disturbed and lay down with a pillow under your knees.   After the audio finishes, please don't rush to get up. Take a moment to acknowledge how your body feels. Make an intention to listen to this body scan often to facilitate healing infidelity trauma.

(Please click to play audio)

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To learn more ways to heal your infidelity trauma, please reach out and accept a free call with me. This site and the courses on it are dedicated to helping you recover from one of the more painful events you ever have to endure. Infidelity is traumatic!

 Please don't put off your healing because life is just too short to remain in pain.

It takes courage to action change and heal after infidelity. Get the support you need now.

Much love

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I want to thank Wholetones.com for supporting us, The Betrayed,

through the use of their song

Angels All Around 

in this audio. 

Wholetones™ was created to heal the world through music with their frequency-based therapeutic music that has been clinically proven to improve sleep, relieve stress, calm and soothe your pet, and gain more energy for your day.

Here is another site dedicated to mindful activities. The link will take you to a mindful watching exercise.  This site has many useful activities to support you while you grieve the infidelity.

About the Author

I am a certified life coach and relationship facilitator with a passion for supporting women who have been impacted by infidelity. Drawing on my personal experiences and deep insights, I am dedicated to helping my clients heal from the trauma of betrayal and reclaim their lives.

Through one-on-one coaching, I am committed to providing a safe, supportive space for women to process their emotions and move forward after infidelity. You can find me in my vegetable garden or taking long walks in nature with my dog when I'm not working. Read more about  the betrayed wife's personal infidelity story...

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