Reduce the Betrayal Pain 


Discovering your partner cheated is the worst pain imaginable, and you need relief.

Maybe you have done everything right to heal yourself, and you can't understand why it still hurts so much. Triggers still blindside you, and you fear that they will swallow you up.

Perhaps your partner, friends, and family are saying that you should be over your husband's betrayal by now. That you should leave him or move on?

Truthfully, I get that because my mind also struggled to see a way out of the betrayal pain.

I battled with the reality of how long it takes to get over the trauma of being cheated on. Being a positive person, I believed I could heal faster and better than everyone else. I was so very wrong!

I was exhausted by the constant pain throbbing in my heart. The insecurity shaking inside my belly upset my digestion, and my health was suffering. My throat felt constricted and continuously ached, and I could hardly work because of mental fog. I lived with a perpetual headache, clogged sinuses, and dry lips from all the tears pouring out of my swollen eyes without my permission.
I felt old before my time and tired without being able to sleep properly.

And to make matters worse, my brain chatter wouldn't stop. It was either replaying how I could change what happened or what my future might become. Conversations were replayed or were created in my mind incessantly. If I could fall asleep, I would wake up dreaming about the infidelity again. I had no rest from it.

The betrayal pain felt like torture without an end. Is that what it is like for you?

Do you have someone you can talk with about how you are feeling? Someone who will understand your pain and listen to you without trying to escape the conversation or make how you feel wrong.

The few friends I attempted to talk with either made me feel that I should be over the affair by now or gave me advice that left me in more pain or confusion. Sadly, their well-meaning responses to my pain often increased my trauma and sense of isolation.

Eventually, I stopped talking to them and stopped spending time with anyone. It was too hard.

Does it feel like sometimes you will never be able to progress past the infidelity or heal from the pain it causes you? I remember feeling genuinely hopeless at times.

I don't want anyone ever to have to suffer this experience alone. There is a better way to travel through the healing process. It's finding someone who also understands your pain and knows the pain of intimate betrayal. 

Hi, my name is Kate, and I am The Betrayed Wife. I wrote this course for those who are suffering due to being cheated on and who need support.

Rebuild With Self-Care After Infidelity

Transform your life and heal from the pain of infidelity with The Betrayed Wife's Self-care After Infidelity course. Each week, you'll receive coaching calls and learn actionable steps in self-care to reduce stress on your mind and body. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with another betrayed wife who understands your journey and offers support and inspiration.

The course is designed to help you build a life you love living, even in the aftermath of betrayal. By making self-care a habit, you'll facilitate healing and empower yourself to move forward with confidence. Don't let infidelity define you or your future; take control with The Betrayed Wife's Self-care course. Sign up today and start your journey towards healing and a life you love.

Uncover the path to healing and regain control of your life, no matter if you're still unsure about staying in the relationship or have already made the decision to move on. Learn powerful techniques to overcome the agony of betrayal and take back control of your emotions.

Do this for yourself; you deserve to find healing!

Get 18 Weeks of Self-Care Coaching

plus 2 bonus weeks 

and grow beyond the pain by developing habits that heal.

Are you tired of feeling lost and alone in the aftermath of your husband's infidelity? It's time to take control of your healing journey and start building a life you love. With The Betrayed Wife's Self-care coaching course, you'll have the support, guidance, and inspiration you need to overcome the pain of betrayal and create a self-care routine that will help you heal.

Each week, you'll receive a new lesson with simple, actionable steps that you can take to reduce stress on your mind and body. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to connect with another betrayed wife who has gone through the same journey. Together, you'll share your struggles and triumphs and provide each other with the encouragement and support you need to keep going. Don't wait any longer; sign up for the Self-care After Infidelity coaching course today and start your healing journey towards a life you love.

This is about you and your healing!

Here’s what people are saying about coaching with The Betrayed Wife

The Betrayed Wife truly “gets it”!

We have been on this healing journey for over 2 years from first discovery and just over a year since his last contact with one of two affair partners. Before I began the Self-care course I was so concentrated on helping my husband and healing my marriage that I was left out of the healing process. Working with The Betrayed Wife brought the focus back to healing ME! It is hard to do self-care when the rug has been pulled out from under you by betrayal but she brought the focus back me to help me heal.  She has honestly been in my shoes and knows the highs and the lows and she never made me feel rushed to heal. She truly “gets it”!  Being able to talk with her has allowed me a safe space to grieve. A safe place to cry and to share the joys. She offered me hope for myself. I highly recommend her courses to any woman who finds herself in this unasked-for "Sisterhood of Betrayed Wives". We can’t heal alone. We need support, love, and understanding. The Betrayed Wife provides all of that and more. I am sad that this is the journey I must walk but I feel that God has provided me with women like The Betrayed Wife to help me and hold me up along the path. I thank her for using her own pain to help others heal. God Bless."

Invest in yourself.  You’re worth it!

"I can NOT begin to express my gratitude to The Betrayed Wife and the other women in the course that I took. I am beyond blessed that this pain I have experienced from my partners infidelity has led me to the greatest Blessing in my life. This Tribe of women, their individual power and strength. Watching each of us grow and change from week to week. THAT has been the joy I have found in this pain. One of my favorite quotes from The Betrayed Wife is this: “One choice makes me a person I do not wish to be and enslaves me to her (she is referring to the affair partner). The other option frees me to live my best life.” This was a reference to her having to “run into” her partners AP on occasion. I too have had to deal with his AP contacting me or him repeatedly. MY reaction allows me to be in control of everything so that I never lower myself to to the AP’s level. Respect for yourself guides your morals; Respect for others guides your manners. I make a choice every day to be the best ME that I can be. THANKS Kate for helping me become stronger and more empowered every single day. If you are on the fence about taking this course I am here to say that I would do it all over again at twice the cost. IT IS WORTH IT! Invest in yourself. You’re worth it!"

Here's to your healing journey...

"My entry into the trauma of betrayal began in June of 2018. Until Jan of 2020, my partner continued to use me as the "reason" for his affairs. I'm sure many of you have been blamed as well. In May of 2020, we took a marriage course, and his tune began to change. Unfortunately for myself, I had gained 50lbs and felt worthless. I met The Betrayed Wife in June of 2020 and took her self-care course. We met once a week to learn to take care of the only person we have control over. OURSELVES! One lesson in particular titled "Forgiveness" began my change. This wasn't just any old forgive others, that we've heard. It was self-forgiveness! What? Someone was interested in my healing? Not my spouse or marriage, ME! 

Give yourself the best gift ever. Sign up for this course. I promise you it will change you."

What you will get in the next 18 weeks

There are 3 modules each with 6 lessons.


Module 1: Introduction plus six lessons

Unlock the power of self-care in Module 1 as you begin your journey to heal from the trauma of betrayal. Discover the essential elements of physical, nutritional, social, and emotional support that will lay the foundation for your healing and help you take control of your well-being.


Module 2: six more lessons

Building on the foundation laid in the first module, this second module will guide you through powerful techniques like mindfulness, gratitude, journaling, forgiveness, and boundary setting. These tools will empower you to take control of your healing journey and find peace in the aftermath of betrayal. Don't let betrayal define your life; start your journey toward healing today.


Module 3: and another six lessons plus a bonus

Unlock the power of self-discovery and healing with this final module. Through a series of exercises and practices, you'll learn how to create a life you love by fostering happiness, positive self-talk, and creativity. You'll also learn how to set respectful boundaries and approve of yourself, helping you find joy and fun in life again. As a bonus, we'll also cover improving your sleep habits for optimal healing. Take advantage of this opportunity to truly transform your life post-betrayal. Sign up now.

Get  Support

Is it Possible to Reduce the Pain of My Partner Cheating?

Imagine waking up each day with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, knowing you have the tools and support to care for yourself and heal from the betrayal trauma. With this course, you will learn how to set daily intentions for self-care that prioritize your grieving and healing needs. Written in simple language, it will guide you every step of the way as you take control of your physical and emotional health and begin to heal. Don't let betrayal define your future; take the first step towards healing and start caring for yourself today.

Weekly Support Call

Know that you're not alone if you're feeling lost and alone after your partner's betrayal. As a fellow betrayed wife, I understand the pain and confusion you're going through.

That's why I'm offering a supportive course that is specifically designed to help you heal and find the support you need. You will learn actionable steps in self-care and talk with another who has gone through the same journey.

With this course, you will be taking the first step towards healing and building a life you love living despite the pain of betrayal.

Please don't suffer in silence; take control of your healing journey and join today.

Healing Together

Are you feeling alone and lost in the aftermath of your partner's betrayal? You're not alone. As a fellow betrayed wife, I understand the pain and confusion you're going through. That's why I'm offering you a weekly one-on-one coaching call where you can open up and share your story with someone who truly understands what you're going through.

Together, we'll work through the pain and find ways to heal and build a life you love living.

Please don't suffer in silence; book your coaching call today, and let's take the first step toward healing and finding the support you need.

Together, we will overcome this difficult time and find the hope you need to reclaim your life.

Easy & Achieveable

To facilitate healing, we need to understand what is happening to us. Unfortunately, we are in shock, and our brains struggle to come to terms with the facts of the betrayal.

Infidelity causes massive trauma, which is very difficult to live through. Therefore the information in this course is given in small, easily digested text and audio snippets. The last thing you need is to overload at this already demanding time.

The simple, easy-to-follow course activities are designed to take as little time as possible while giving maximum benefit. Each lesson has a downloadable worksheet to help you focus on your healing task and affirming audios to support your healing. 

About The Betrayed Wife,

She wrote this course because she not only saw the need for more support for the betrayed but experienced that need first hand herself. Healing from infidelity is a long and painful experience, but it is not a life sentence. So many individuals are living through the hell of betrayal without a way of escaping the pain. The Betrayed Wife reminds us that life is full of ups and downs and that how we experience this in our healing journey comes down to our personal level of self-care, the support systems we set up, and through applying both knowledge and intention into our healing.

Being cheated on brings a unique, and often socially unrecognized, kind of pain. As a teacher and life coach, The Betrayed Wife brings an actionable plan into the healing process. Her lessons are designed expressly for betrayal recovery. Each comes from her own experience in healing as a betrayed wife and from her experience as a life and relationship coach. 

You are invited to attend this course with her because she cares about you and your future, and she believes that you will benefit from prioritizing self-care in your life. She will remind you that you are worth the effort it takes because you deserve a life that you love living!

Here’s what people are saying about the

betrayed wife

She knew the pain of betrayal all too well, and in her journey to heal and rebuild, she realized the critical lack of support and resources available for those going through the same experience. So, she took her expertise as a life coach and her personal experience to create a comprehensive course to guide others through the healing process. The Self-care After Infidelity Course is her gift to you and all those who have or will face the trauma of infidelity. It is her way of ensuring that no one has to go through the journey alone, unsupported, and in pain. Join her and start your healing journey today.


I Realized My Worth...

I wasn't sleeping, eating, or interacting with anyone. I was ready to....

After our course together, I was on the path to healing. I stopped obsessing. I realized my worth and was able to allow myself the grace of grief. And I now have the support of women who have experienced the same pain and agony, who surprisingly not only helped me find myself but allowed me to contribute to their healing as well.

The connection of the group helped me because hearing what others have experienced and/or are experiencing helped me realize that I am not alone.

I learned compassion for myself and regained self dignity along with others on the same journey. Discovering strong, capable women was healing too.

Yes. There is strength and healing in this course.

The Betrayed Wife is wonderful.


I Am a Different Person Today...

My life was shattered into millions of pieces. My stomach was in knots from the aftermath of discovering my husband and father of my five children had a secret life with another woman for many years. I was just trying to keep it together for my little ones who needed me. I was not the same person.

I am a different person today.  The truth is that I could have lost everything, even become a drunk. But the courses helped me transform all the post-betrayal challenges into health and a life I love. I am a better version of myself.

Being able to share my thoughts and not be judged gave me the chance to hear myself and make sense of the mess inside me.

It provided me with friendship, support and an outside perspective for focus.

The courses give you a helping hand up and out of the muck, an absolute necessity for survival.

The Betrayed Wife is a genius. She blows me away with how she so aptly gets to the core issue in any matter.


Thank You for Helping Me to Love Me...

The Betrayed Wife has been a Godsend during one of the most difficult times of my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this incredible woman.

She’s been my sounding board, my support system, helping me to navigate the immense pain and roller coaster of emotions caused by betrayal. As someone who has not only gone through it, but is now thriving—no longer a victim, but a victor—she truly gets it! 

She knows exactly what I mean when I can’t find the words in the fog. From the pits of infidelity, a support system blossomed to a bouquet of dear friends. Thank you for helping me to see that I am becoming a new and beautiful creation. Thank you for helping me to dream again. Thank you for helping me to love Me. Forever grateful...

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