How Do I Tell My Partner I Cheated?

Why tell my partner?

It's hard to believe that you have had an affair or have an addiction, but telling your partner about it is a part of your healing process.  And once they know, they will also have to recover from the betrayal!  You can play a significant role in helping them heal too...

Won't it hurt my partner to know I was unfaithful?

They will be upset, devastated even. But how you handle your disclosure will make a huge difference in how long they remain upset, devastated! 

And how much information should I tell them?

Your partner deserves to know everything! Keep in mind that a full disclosure is the first step in healing your relationship.  It is laying a foundation of honesty between you both, even if is the hardest thing you and your partner ever have to face.

Learn how to move forward

Don't let the shame of your actions keep you chained in the past. Learn how to get beyond  your infidelity today.

Your honesty now sets the stage for how the healing of your relationship will go. Staggered disclosure creates ongoing mistrust and prolongs healing for you both!

If you want to save the relationship then remember that openness, honesty and the lack of deceit are vital for long-term intimacy and relationship success.

“Thus, the critical dimension in understanding whether a marriage will work or not, becomes the extent to which the male can accept the influence of the woman he loves and become socialized in emotional communication.”

 John Gottman

Foremost Relational Expert

Tackle reality head on with:

Honest disclosure

and complete transparency. These open you both to start healing. By leaving nothing hidden, it liberates you and your partner to process what is real and true. Then you are both free to move toward recovery.

Understanding why

you became misguided, and learning what allowed you to step away from your partner is vital. Rather than blaming or hiding, complete transparency puts you in control of your life.

Build Trust

and a safe future together by creating ongoing transparency, intimacy, and commitment with each other. Create a plan that frees you both to get back on the same team and live the life together you desire.

Marriage is our most significant relationship in life. How you disclose infidelity can either make or break it. Sharing your secret life will be hard for you as a couple to work through, but not impossible!

Three years ago, my life, like many other betrayed wives, became a vortex of post-betrayal trauma and the after-effects.  I had the extreme good fortune or perhaps divine intervention in taking steps toward my recovery by participating in these courses.  The content of which was created and directed by a woman who knows what it feels like to be betrayed.

I have found great comfort and direction toward a healing journey.  To be redirected in finding a path through the pain and darkness of betrayal. To find a strength and belief in myself that was there all along. The insight into making sense of what made no sense. Tools to move out of the quagmire of triggers and hopelessness.

I look forward to continuing my journey learning new and better ways of acceptance of and forgiveness for what I did not ask for and cannot change.  What I can change is the outcome of my own story." - Susan


Disclosure is the first step in healing broken trust

Learn what disclosure and discovery can look like, what to expect from your partner and ways to handle the process with this 10 lesson guide on disclosure.

Price:  $79  


Understanding why you stepped out of the relationship is the second step in rebuilding trust

Become aware of the different dynamics that play into unfaithfulness and discover how these have impacted your marriage. Take this journey of guided self-discovery with your mate, and open yourselves to greater intimacy - in-to-me-you-see!

Price:  $79  


Creating a relationship safety plan is the third step in rebuilding trust

Discover the how-to of creating safety for your future together and the benefits safety brings. Work together on building the relationship you both want in a practical and sustainable way through these guided lessons.

Customer stories


My wife took a Self-Care course from The Betrayed Wife once she began to feel that our marriage was on steady ground again. She then saw a disclosure course and invited me to do it with her. My wife had been trickled information for 2 years.  I just didn't think she needed all the details.  After doing this course I know that details and being able to put everything in order was what she needed to wrap her head around what I had done. Doing disclosure instead of discovery was the key to her beginning to put the past behind us and move forward in a better marriage. 


My journey through infidelity began almost 3 years ago.  23 months after my discovery of my partner's affairs we did an affair recovery retreat. 6 months later I still didn't feel that everything was out in the open.  What I did know I had discovered, he didn't disclose. I now know that he feared if I knew everything I would leave. In the Disclosure Course The Betrayed Wife gave a great idea for disclosing.  He agreed to do it. It was all the information I had needed to begin to put this behind me.  Thank you for supporting me through not only Self-Care but through the disclosure process that took nearly 3 years to get to.  I wish we had started with this instead of ending .


Having this information was a life-saver for us. We were both in too much pain to know how to keep each other safe, and we didn't know what we were doing. I wish we had this course before disclosure - it would have saved us so much pain. Thank you for creating an approach to help us find a way to do it right and find a way to heal and move forward. If you are considering disclosure, learn how first!!!

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In order to heal the damage done to the relationship all secrets must be revealed to your partner. Disclosure is the first step of that healing journey...learn how to make this difficult task easier for you both now.

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