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There is no pain greater than that experienced from his infidelity. Far too often, women suffer though this agony alone and get stuck in despair. Connect with a supportive coach who understands exactly what you're going through. 

Before I began Kate’s courses I was so concentrated on helping my husband and healing my marriage that I was left out of the healing process. Working with Kate brought the focus back to healing ME! It is hard to do self-care when the rug has been pulled out from under you by betrayal but Kate brought the focus back me to help me heal.  She has honestly has been in my shoes and knows the highs and the lows and she never made me feel rushed to heal. -CINDY

betrayal recovery coaching

You are probably scared, angry, and devastated by the pain of infidelity. But processing the pain of this trauma will prevent long-term emotional damage.
I get that opening up to a stranger about the worst thing that has happened in your life can be challenging. One-to-one coaching can feel intense, yet it is the fastest way to get support for your pain.
Put the focus is where it should be, on you - your healing and equipping you to process the impact of the awful experience of infidelity.

Kate truly “gets it”!  Being able to talk with Kate has allowed me a safe space to grieve. A safe place to cry and to share the joys. She offered me hope for myself. I highly recommend her courses to any woman who finds herself in this unasked-for "Sisterhood of Betrayed Wives." - LOUISE

meet the coach

The betrayed wife

She's the Betrayed Wife, mother of adult children, former teacher, and now a certified life coach and relationship facilitator. Her personal experiences, highly attuned ear, and deep insights are what her clients love most about working with her. She lives on a farm with her husband and spends her days gardening and tending to her flocks. More about what she does...

We need support, love, and understanding. Kate provides all of that and more. I am sad that this is the journey I must walk but I feel that God has provided me with women like Kate to help me and hold me up along the path. Thank you, Kate, for using your own pain to help others heal. God Bless. CYNTHIA

become a healthy and happy woman again

imagine if you could

  • halt the intrusive thoughts
  • manage the roller coaster of emotions
  • walk out of the infidelity pain stronger, healthier, and wiser
  • know that your are understood and supported while you heal
  • find peace during the process

I can NOT begin to express my gratitude to Kate and the other women in the course . I am beyond blessed that this pain I have experienced from my partner's infidelity has led me to the greatest blessing in my life.  This tribe of women, their individual power and strength.  Watching each of us grow and change from week to week.  THAT has been the joy I have found in this pain. - JEANINE


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