The Betrayed Wife is proud to be a certified life coach and relationship facilitator

The Betrayed Wife is a support group that aids women who have been betrayed by their husbands and are recovering from the trauma of infidelity. This group provides a platform for wives to share their stories, receive encouragement, and learn techniques to heal from the wounds of betrayal.

As a helper, I have assisted many women in rebuilding their lives and achieving greater happiness and health. My ideal client is a woman willing to work to transform her life and overcome the effects of betrayal. I find it fulfilling to partner with these amazing women over the long term to ensure their optimal success.

Meet Kate

Founder & Coach of The Betrayed Wife

Kate is the betrayed wife, the mother of adult children, former teacher, and now a certified life and relationship coach. Her personal experiences, highly attuned ear, and deep insights are what her clients love most about working with her. She lives on a farm with her husband and spends her days gardening and tending to her flock. More about my story...