The Betrayed Wife is proud to be a certified life coach and relationship facilitator

The Betrayed Wife is a support group for betrayed women recovering from his infidelity. Our community is a place for her to share her story and find encouragement, information and techniques to heal from the wounds of betrayal. I've helped numerous women rebuild healthier and happier lives than ever before. My ideal client is a woman who struggles with the effects of being betrayed and now wants to put the work in to transform her life. I love a challenge and partnering with these amazing women over the long term for optimal success. 

Meet Kate

Founder & Coach of The Betrayed Wife

Kate is the betrayed wife, the mother of adult children, former teacher, and now a certified life and relationship coach. Her personal experiences, highly attuned ear, and deep insights are what her clients love most about working with her. She lives on a farm with her husband and spends her days gardening and tending to her flock. More about my story...